25th July 2014

herstripper4always said: Asheville NC?

Maybe. Close to a coast is important, but I’d compromise some travel time for pleasant scenery and/or culture. 

Like, let’s put Nola/PDX/Austin/Balitmore and put it on the beach. That would be ideal.

24th July 2014

@dividedocean said: Always welcome in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are not all Amish hahaha

I know I have to be near a coast. This mermaid gots to swim. Thanks for the suggestion. I think a visit to Scranton is on my to-do list, though. 

22nd July 2014

Holy shit. Forensic Files is on Netflix. I’m gonna be late for work.
That’s okay, though cause I’m taking my time putting a face on, in my jorts and bra, smoking a bit, listening to this soothing narrator talk about DNA and crime scenes.

16th July 2014
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